a look inside our classes...


Rachel is a great communicator and easily connects with both teens and adults. She quickly develops a rapport with her students and provides a safe environment for learning.
The information and skills that Rachel teaches women and girls is very practical and easy to learn. It’s more than a self-defense class, it’s a self- awareness class. Every woman and girl should become proficient in what Rachel has to offer. I can’t recommend it enough... especially in this day and age.
Rachel is able to answer tough questions and break down the core concepts. She provides practical, realistic scenarios and how to defend against them.

general information

What can I expect to learn?

In the introductory class, we teach you ways to protect yourself against common attacks using simple but effective techniques. You will also learn personal awareness strategies to reduce your chances of being attacked. By the end of the class, you will be confident in understanding which techniques and strikes you are most comfortable with based on your height, strength and ability. 


Who are the classes for?  

Classes are for women and girls, ages 12 and up, unless specified otherwise in the class details. 


What makes Battle Mom different from other self-defense classes? 

Battle Mom classes have been developed by a woman for women.  Male instructors often cannot fully appreciate the challenges women face on a daily basis.  We have a unique approach to addressing the mental and physical differences between men and woman and strive to give women practical interchangeable tools to use in a self-defense situation. 


Do I need to have any prior training to take a Battle Mom class?

No, you do not need any background or experience to participate in one of our classes. The methods are designed for any age and any fitness level. 


What do I need to wear or bring to class?

Wear comfortable fitness attire that is easy to move in. Please do not wear jewelry or strong scented lotion or perfume. If your class is located at an indoor location, shoes are not permitted on the mats. You can choose to either go barefoot or wear socks. Outdoor classes can keep shoes on. Plan to bring a bottle of water, as the class will require physical activity. Longer classed might want to bring a protein bar or other small snack. 


I have some physical limitations, can the skills be modified to accommodate my specific needs?

Although classes have an established training curriculum, Rachel can work to adapt the skill and find a method that will be most effective for you. Contact info@battlemom.com to discuss your specific needs.